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Beauden Philip Turnbull

Beauden ('Beaudy' to Daddy) was born early on 25th February 2021. His due date was 22nd April. We thought we were experiencing a normal pregnancy until 23rd February, when Magda had early labour signs. Efforts were made to keep Beauden as a bump, but he was ready to arrive and did so only a couple of days later on the Delivery Suite at the RVI, with a Neonatal team on standby. He was a whopping 3lbs 11 ounces. 

As quickly as he arrived on that Thursday morning, he disappeared off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) which would become his home until the 4th May, when he passed peacefully in our arms.


The 9 weeks and 5 days he was here, were some of the most difficult and testing times for us as parents. It was discovered that Beauden had  a rare genetic condition - Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 (CDM1). Because of his fight, he has not only saved his future brothers and sisters from the same condition, but has ensured existing family members are tested and monitored for complications associated with Myotonic Dystrophy. In his too short life he has done so much for others. 

He gave Mummy and Daddy the gift of time, time we spent loving every inch of him. We will carry him with us everywhere and nothing makes us prouder than to be Beauden's Mummy and Daddy.  

NICU was his home and home is found in people. We can't praise all the people who 'work' (which seems like such an inadequate word to describe what they do) on NICU enough. They were holding our hands every step of the way. No parent should have to face what we have, but if they do, people like those found on NICU should be there to guide them.

Please support our fundraising and help continue Beauden's legacy.

NICU Night Light

On what would have been Beauden's first birthday, 25th February 2022, it was a pleasure to present to the staff on NICU a star registered with the name 'NICU Night Light', dedicated to the staff who cared for Beauden and in loving memory of him. The star documents are displayed on the unit, outside Bay 4 (which we consider his favourite), viewable from the cot space he was usually in. 

To find out where the star is, visit The International Star Registry and enter NICU Night Light. It's in the same constellation (Ursa Minor) as Beauden's own star, named Beauden Philip Turnbull.

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